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Advanced Certificate in Animal Care and Behaviour



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Manage the Care and Behaviour of Pets

Course Code: BAG308 | Course Duration:  900 hours (18-24 months average part-time completion time)

This is a premium course which teaches paramount knowledge and skills in caring for animals.

Enrolments are Open Now - Daily Intakes Available

If you have the time and passion, it is an excellent program of studies building on the ACS Certificate in Animal Attendant Studies or other courses or experiences. 

Enrolling in this course will lead to

  • Starting a new career working with pets
  • Laying foundations for self-employment 
  • Improvements in your career prospects (for those already working in the pet industry)


How An Advanced Certificate Works

You will sit an exam, then receive a Statement of Attainment on completion of each module you select as part of your course.

After succeeding in nine selected modules, your achievement will be highly recognised with the Advanced Certificate in Animal Care and Behaviour.

  • Unlimited access to our friendly expert tutors
  • Frequent, automated self-assessments
  • Feedback through submitted assignments
  • Start at any time
  • Study at your own pace - from where, and when you want to


Course Structure 

Core Modules

Core modules provide a broad foundation in animal behaviour and care.

The following five modules are compulsory.

  • Industry Project BIP000 - your choice of a work experience placement, formal research project, workshop module (see below for more information) 

Elective Modules

Elective modules enable students to tailor the course to their own areas of interest.

Choose four from the following:


Note each module in the Advanced Certificate in Animal Care and Behaviour is a 100 hour course in its own right, and may be studied separately.


Why learning with ACS is more than just a Qualification

Some courses are simply about ticking the boxes on a checklist of what you are supposed to know. This Advanced Certificate is different.

  • We are always focused on reinforcing learning.
  • We teach in ways that have an impact on how you remember. 
  • We want you to succeed when you graduate.


What is an Industry Project ?  Why Experience Matters

Any applied learning experience that allows a student to take what they have learned from their studies in order to reinforce understanding.  

In the application of knowledge, learning is enhanced or embedded deeply through experiential learning. 

In some situations, students also learn how to further adapt their learning as needed. Skilful! 



Why Learn from Animal Experts

An entire team of experts stand behind our pet and animal courses - updating courses, supporting you as a student, writing text books and blogs, and developing new courses. 

These are people who have studied animal and veterinary sciences at universities, kept and cared for their own pets, worked in pet or veterinary and animal industries.

Together they bring hundreds of years of practical experience to the services we offer our students.

What Next?

Opportunities are endless if you have the passion and persistence to succeed with pets. Whatever you aspire to achieve, from giving better care to the animals you own, through to finding a business or career path to develop in the pet industry, the industry is growing. 


It's Not Always Easy Starting An Online Course ... Let Us Help

  • We are experienced at helping people decisions and make career changes. 
  • We have careers counsellors that can advise you for free. Talk to us. 
  • We have written books on working in different industries. 
  • We know how to provide the learning needed to get you started along a different career path.

Email us at admin@acs.edu.au | Call us (07) 5562 1088

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Advanced Certificate in Animal Care and Behaviour Advanced Certificate in Animal Care and Behaviour
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