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Course Developers and Teaching Staff include: 


Dr Robert Browne B.Sc., PhD 

Internationally renowned expert across many areas of biological science who has worked in both universities, public and private organisations from Australia to the Netherlands, currently managing a sustainability project based in Belize. 

Dr. Gareth Pearce BSc (Hons), BVSc, MA, MVetS, PhD, GradCertEd(HE), PGCertAqVetS, PGCertWLBio&Cons, DiplECPHM, MRCVS. 

Qualified veterinary surgeon from both the University of Melbourne and Bristol, having previously graduated in Agricultural Science and gained a PhD in Livestock Behaviour and Production. Dr Pearce also has post-graduate qualifications in Education, Wildlife Conservation Medicine, Aquatic Veterinary Studies and Wildlife Biology and Conservation. 

Alison Pearce P.G.Cert. Ed., M.Ecotourism, S.Sc. (Hons) 

University Lecturer, Writer, Quality Assurance Manager, Research Technician, Vet Nurse and stockwoman, Alison has managed veterinary operating theatres, responsible for animal anaesthesia, instrument preparation, and assistance with surgical techniques and procedures. 

Jade Sciascia B.Sc.Bio, Dip.Professional Education, Cert Food Hygiene 

As International Business Manager for IARC, Jade is responsible for quality assurance, compliance and conformity of education standards of 80 members. She is a qualified and experienced science teacher, former dog boarding facility manager and horse-riding instructor (part qualified). Jade is a Senior Academic Officer at ACS with over 13 years experience, working for both the Australian and UK schools.  

Dr Sarah Berry B.Sc. (Hons) 

On completion of a unique honours project focusing on glow worms in Australia, Sarah completed her PhD in Aquaculture at James Cook University. She has a wide range of scientific experience over the past 6 years in physiology, genetics, ecology, molecular technology, statistics, animal health, care, and nutrition.  

Cheryl McLardy B.Sc. (Hons), HND Horse Mgt, C&G Teaching Cert. 

With 25 years of experience across the equine industry in Sports Horse Stud Groom, Stable and Yard Manager, Equine Industrial Training Manager, FE Distance Learning Manager at Warwickshire College in England, Cheryl plays a key role in supporting ACS’s equine students achieve their dreams.  

Sarah Pirecki BAVetBioSc, Dip ProjMgt 

A passionate advocate for animal health and welfare.  Sarah completed a Bachelor of Animal and Veterinary Bioscience majoring in Animal Health and Disease and is currently completing a Diploma of Project Management. She has a wide range of experience working in agricultural settings, veterinary nursing, assistance dog raising and animal education. 

Kara Wight BSc (Applied BioSc &Zoo), HND (Animal Care), HND (Photography) 

Long-term tutor living in the UK, Kara has a wide range of experience which is ever-growing, working with animals such dogs, small pets, birds, zoo animals, British wildlife and reptiles. Kara runs her own business training dogs.  

Dr Maria L. Schmitz Fontes PhD (MarineSc), MSc (Env. Eng), BA Hons (PharmSc&Bioch) 

Highly experienced teaching graduate in Marine Pollution, Microbial Ecology, Geochemistry, Oceanography, Methods in Aquatic Science and Benthic Ecology. Maria has published over 20 scientific articles and book chapters.   

Peter Douglas, Dip Ani. Husbandry 

With over 50 years of experience in agriculture and wildlife management, Peter retired after a distinguished career as a university lecturer, wildlife park manager, animal breeder and equestrian science expert. Peter’s long term and wide-ranging experience and knowledge in animal science, farming and tourism management is woven into the ACS products and courses.  

Marius Erasmus B.Sc.Agric., B.Sc. (Wildlife), M.Sc.Agric. 

After completing a BSc (Ag) undergraduate degree in animal science, Marius completed an honours degree in wildlife management, and later his Master of Science in Agriculture (Production animal physiology). Marius has worked in the United Kingdom and South Africa in wildlife management, dairy, beef and poultry farming. 

Sarah Partridge B.Sc.Zool (Hons) 

Former environmental officer, conducting and reporting on botanical surveys and research specialist in diverse fields of animal biology and fertility. Sarah has co-authored several books including Ungulate Animals, Animal Health (2nd edition) and Rodents, Rabbits & Relatives.