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Ecotherapy- Short Course

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Explore different nature-based therapy.

Course Code:  SGP3

Course Duration: 20 hours (minimum, self paced study, commonly 2 to 8 weeks, less or longer as you need)

Nature is the most powerful healer. Learn how to include nature, from animals to plants, into professional therapies, as well as how to assess suitable ecotherapy sites.

  • Develop a program of ecotherapy activities.
  • Approach health and wellness holistically.

You will receive significant insight into incorporating ecotherapy into your professional practice or self-care routine after completing this course.

Course Content - What's covered in the course?
Lesson 1. Nature & Scope of Ecotherapy
Lesson 2. Theoretical Perspectives
Lesson 3. Clients in Ecotherapy
Lesson 4. Outdoor Ecotherapy with Plants
Lesson 5. Outdoor Ecotherapy with Animals
Lesson 6. Indoor Ecotherapy Activities
Lesson 7. Creative Arts Ecotherapy Activities
Lesson 8. Complimentary Therapies and Activities

Final Assessment

This course is suitable for:

  • Psychologists
  • Counselors
  • Health professionals
  • Youth Worker
  • Carers
  • Support family member or friend


How This Course Works

  • 20-hour, self-paced course
  • Fully online
  • Optional, very practical set tasks throughout
  • Automated self-assessment tests
  • 'Certificate of Completion' on achieving a 60% pass rate on a final assessment


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Ecotherapy- Short Course Ecotherapy- Short Course
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