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Animal Behaviour and Psychology- Short Course

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The Ultimate Online Short Course in Animal Behaviour 

Course Code:  SGA6

Course Duration: 20 hours (minimum, self paced study, commonly 2 to 8 weeks, less or longer as you need)


Animal behaviour is a broad and popular topic. It's complicated - we need to appreciate the most natural state of animals as existential beings. 

When we really know animal behaviour we can: 

  • improve problems related to breeding
  • enrich captive environments
  • ensure safety and security for animals under our care
  • research genetics, disease and health
  • make innovative products to enhance the lives of pets and animals 

Have you ever wondered...

  • Why does my pet do that?
  • What is natural or what is learned behaviour?
  • Does my pet have a food allergy?
  • Why does my dog eat grass?
  • Does my old pet have dementia? 
  • Why does my dog dig holes? 

Get the answers!

Learn about animal behaviours and their biological drivers with this 20-hour short course.

Covering everything from known senses and cognition to psychopathology and domestication, Animal Behaviour and Psychology provides a solid foundation of animal brain activity.

An excellent specialist course for animal trainers, agriculturalists, vet assistants, pet care workers, horse owners, behaviour consultants and more.


What You Will Learn

LESSON 1: Introduction to Animal Behaviour

Become skilled at interpreting various behaviours displayed by animals. Have confidence in describing animal behaviours and factors that influence behaviour. 

Additional Reading (Goats, Cats, Dogs)


LESSON 2: Animal Perception and Cognition

Learn how animals perceive the world around them. Learn about animal sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch, dexterity and cognition. 

Additional Reading (Animal Perception, Types of Stimuli)


LESSON 3: Innate or Native Behaviours

Learn differences in innate behaviours and instincts. Explore Fixed Action Patterns, Innate Releasing Mechanisms, Ritualised Behaviours and Maturation. Recognise feeding behaviour and other eating and drinking adaptations. Learn the science of orientation, biological rhythms, sexual behaviour and reproduction. 

Additional Reading (Feeding Cats, Dog and Cat Obesity, Sexual Behaviour, What Animals Eat)


LESSON 4: How Animals Learn

Appreciate differences in types of animal learning - what comes from the environment and what is learned, what is instinctive.
Animal attachments and animal parenting are also covered.   

Additional Reading (Why Animals Learn, Equine Behaviour, Conditioning)


LESSON 5: Specific Types of Animal Behaviour

Know mating, normal and abnormal social behaviour including dominance, territoriality and aggression. 

Additional Reading (Social Behaviours, Horse Temperament, Aggression in Dogs)


LESSON 6: How Animals Communicate

Learn expert knowledge in communication with and between animals. Recognising different types of animal communication. 

Additional Reading (Communication in Dogs, Understanding Cat Behaviour)


LESSON 7: Animal Mentality

Animal intelligence, emotion or psychopathology.

Additional Reading (Dog Depression, Bird Behaviour Problems, Five Ways to Ensure a Happy Pet)

LESSON 8: Managing Animal Behaviour

What is our need to manage animal behaviour and why do we domesticate animals? Common animal types which we work with and handle - know them well. Canines, Felines and Equines, Cattle Training and Wild Animals in Captive Environments. 

Additional Reading (Equine Therapy and Rehabilitation, Dog Problems)



For a professional career with animals, the Certificate of Completion - Animal Behaviour Short Course, is a great way to show you commitment to working in the industry.

You can delve into this course and complete the self-tests and be confident in your work for employment prospects!

If you're studying for self or personal interest, you might skip and self-tests and final assessment and simply work through this comprehensive text written by veterinarian, biology, animal handlers and psychology specialists. 

How this course works!

Fully online, 20-hour self-paced course! 

Optional, practical suggested tasks throughout

Automated self-assessment tests

Certificate of Completion (you must pass the final assessment to be awarded the certificate)

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Animal Behaviour and Psychology- Short Course Animal Behaviour and Psychology- Short Course
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