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Caring for Chickens and Other Poultry- Short Course

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Learn to raise and care for chickens and other poultry

Course Code:  SGA3

Course Duration: 20 hours (minimum, self paced study, commonly 2 to 8 weeks, less or longer as you need)

This course is for anyone who wants to learn about types of poultry and how to care for them.

Chickens are a great choice for a pet!

  • Breeds come in different sizes with different temperaments.
  • Some are easier to care for than others.
  • Some breeds will lay eggs more reliably than others.
  • Bantam breeds are smaller birds so the advantage is they can be kept on a smaller property.

This course introduces ducks, turkeys, quail and geese as other breed to raise.

While these and other smaller birds might be an option, chickens are most popular birds of choice for keeping at home. Chickens are the focus of this course.

Over 20 hours you will learn

  • about health and care of poultry
  • poultry production for a beginner
  • general standards for breeding
  • husbandry in raising and looking after poultry.

This comprehensive learning resource is for anyone who owns or considers purchasing their first flock!

Course Contents

What you will learn


Lesson 2: BREEDS


Lesson 4: HEALTH



Final Assessment: Complete the final online assessment to download your Certificate of Completion in Caring for Chickens and Poultry.

How This Course Works

  • 20-hour, self-paced course
  • Fully online
  • Optional, practical set tasks throughout
  • Automated self-assessment tests
  • A 'Certificate of Completion' is awarded after a final online test.

Why you need to learn about chickens!

  • They are great for pest control. Chickens eat unwanted insects, including ticks, slugs, termites, ants and other bugs.
  • You can use chicken manure as compost and fertiliser.
  • Chickens reduce household food waste by eating vegetable scraps.
  • Free-range chickens are an economical option for eggs and meat.
  • Eggs and chicken meat offer nutritional density to the diet.
  • Children can learn about responsibilities of keeping and caring for animals.

The course can be of real benefit for:

Families who wish to keep a few birds at home as pets and for eggs.
Breeders, retailers or others who supply birds, feed, cages or other needs to poultry owners.
Service professionals such as veterinary assistants, who wish to learn more about caring for poultry.
Anyone else with a passion for, or business interest in poultry.



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Caring for Chickens and Other Poultry- Short Course Caring for Chickens and Other Poultry- Short Course
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