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Dog Owners - Short Course

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Learn to Care for and Manage Dogs 

Course Code:  SGA1

Course Duration: 20 hours (minimum, self paced study, commonly 2 to 8 weeks, less or longer as you need)

Anyone who owns or works with dogs quickly learns that they each have their own character. Despite this individuality, there are tried and tested ways to train the majority of dogs and to improve the quality of the relationships we have with them.

  • Make better decisions for dogs
  • Confidently handle and overcome problems with behaviour or health 
  • Respond to their physical and psychological needs with care and professionalism


What You Will Learn

LESSON 1: Dogs and People 
Learn canine history, and today's dog breeds - pure and crossbreeds. 
Fee confident select the right breed, or recommending the perfect breed for others. 
Learn the foundations of proper dog care and how to ensure a property or home is a dog friendly environment. 
Business owners or staff learn how to create kennel evacuation plans for use in emergency situations.

LESSON 2: Biology of Dogs
Recognise anatomy and physiology of dogs. 
Understand the reproductive systems of males and females. 
LESSON 3: Basic Healthcare  
Recognise signs of health and ill-health in canines, including internal and external parasites, skin problems, and common disease (including notifiable diseases). 
Understand steps in preventative health care and how to care for the sick dog. 
Follow nutritional guidelines for general canine health and responding to specific needs. 
Determine appropriate reproduction or breeding planning and understand the procedure and outcomes of desexing.

LESSON 4: Psychology of Canines 
Understanding the dog's mind and how they differ from people, learn evolution and domestication. 
Learn critical behavioural development, common behaviour and canine body language.
Know how to confidently overcome behavioural problems and develop general training tips. 
LESSON 5: Grooming
Acknowledge the needs for grooming. 
Learn effective techniques and confident use of grooming tools. 
Recognise popular pet clips and styling. 
LESSON 6: Working in the Canine Industry
Explore roles health services, breeding, grooming and retail.  
Expand knowledge of care and therapy work such as day care and exercise, long term care and boarding. 
Learn overviews of assistance dog working, canine therapies and professional dog handling, including training or rehabilitation. 
Learn about specialist services as pet funeral, cremation and memorial services.


This is Your Starting Point for Dog Ownership or Canine Related Employment

If you are starting out in a professional career with animals, the Certificate of Completion - Dog Owners Short Course is a great way to show you commitment to working in the industry. You can delve into this course and complete the self-tests and be confident in your work for employment prospects! 

Or maybe you're getting a dog as a pet for the first time and want to be sure you get it right for you, your family and the newest member? You might decide to skip and self-tests and final assessment and simply work through this comprehensive text written by canine, veterinarian and animal biology specialists. 

How this course works!

  • 20-hour approximately, self-paced course
  • Fully online
  • Optional, practical suggested tasks throughout
  • Automated self-assessment tests
  • Certificate of Completion (you must pass the final assessment to be awarded the certificate)


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We know how to provide the learning needed to get you started along a different career path.

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Dog Owners - Short Course Dog Owners - Short Course
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