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This book was written for dog owners, and anyone who works with dogs - from kennel staff to animal groomers and pet shop staff.

It begins by helping you to understand the relationship between domesticated dogs and humans, and differences between the most common breeds. Matching the right dog with the right owner can be one of the most challenging and important aspects of caring for dogs. Get this right and having a dog can be a delight, A mismatch however can be a nightmare. The fist chapter of the book emphasises this aspect of dog care, because matching the dog and owner is the foundation on which everything else should build.

The bulk of this book deals with those things which a pet owner should be doing to care for their dog.

Gain a better understanding of how to care for pets, improve the ability to manage dogs and discover how to make the most of your relationship with the dog while also caring for its health and well-being, whether they're your own or someone else's.


ISBN: 978-0-9872647-3-2
Pages: 79
Images: 73



    Explore the scope and nature of dogs, their relationship with humans and the ways in which different dog breeds can vary so much from one to the next.
    Learn about the anatomy and physiology of dogs Through an understanding of internal and external body structure and function, you can have a much better insight into what needs to be cared for and how it can better be cared for.
    Discover the signs of good and bad health, know how to recognise when a dog is in pain. Learn about the most important diseases and parasites and their management. Know how a dog should be managed to minimise risk of health problems, and learn more about managing reproduction and breeding. Understand proper feeding of dogs. 
    This chapter helps you to understand the dog mind, and appreciate better how to train a dog and manage it's behaviour.
    Grooming dogs is important for skin and coat health as much as for appearance, but there's a lot more to it than what meets they eye - that's why there are 11 pages needed to explain grooming in this book. 

  7. This chapter explains the wide range of services that exist to support the needs of dogs and dog owners in the pet industry. If you are an owner, it provides insights into services you might use. If you want to work in the industry, it may provide insights into services you might supply.

If you want to go further than the book:

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Caring for Dogs - PDF ebook Caring for Dogs - PDF ebook
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