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Birds- Identifying Birds- PDF ebook

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This book is a fantastic resource for bird enthusiasts, watchers, and useful point of reference for anyone studying birds

Birds can be classified lots of different ways according to size, behaviour, appearance, habitat, or any number of other characteristics.

Learn to:

  • Identify different bird species
  • Understand their habitat
  • How they interact with humans
  • Anatomy and behaviour


Pages: 117

Images: 130


  1. How Birds are Classified
  2. Bird Orders
  3. Bird Terminology

Birds have been scientifically grouped into around 30 different groups. By understanding the broad differences between each of these groups, you have a foundation for identifying and understanding any birds that you might encounter.

Parrots for instance is one of these groups. All parrots have a similar appearance and biology, even though they may vary a lot in terms of colour, size and other characteristics Parrots are all closer in terms of how they should be cared for, and how they appear than other groups (ie. scientific orders) such as Owls or Birds of Prey.

Knowing the order that a bird falls into is a huge step toward identifying that bird, and knowing how to care for it.

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Birds- Identifying Birds- PDF ebook Birds- Identifying Birds-  PDF ebook
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