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Certificate in Animal Attendant Studies



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Learn to be an Animal Attendant Online Course

Certificate Course | Nominal Duration 600 hours (average completion time 6-18 months)

Anyone who attends to the needs of animals can be called an animal attendant. This might be in a kennel, cattery, pet shop, veterinary practice, pound, animal rescue facility, petting zoo or any number of other places. Often animal attendant jobs might not require formal training, but they do require a passion for animals, plus knowledge. Experience helps too - even if only with your own animals, or through volunteering.


Online Course Structure

Core Modules

There are four compulsory modules:

Elective Modules 

A further two modules need to be selected and completed, usually from the following options:

  • Dog Care BAG105

  • Dog Psychology and Training BAG221

  • Dog Care BAG105

  • Cat Psychology and Training BAG222

  • Animal Feed and Nutrition

  • Industry Project BIP000 - your choice of a formal research project, workshop (see below for more information) 

Graduates finish this course with understanding and appreciation of how to care properly for animals. They pass that knowledge to others through business or industry connections, or when talking with customers and pet owners. 


How this course works!

  • Enrol any time - daily intakes open now 
  • Join thousands of graduates from ACS courses, complete 600 hours of study (approximately).
  • Self-manage your time to read, research, complete formal assessments, take self-tests and undertake practical tasks. 
  • Enjoy tutor support, receive marked assignments and feedback to help you grow. 
  • Undertake an exam at the end of each module to receive a Statement of Attainment - working towards the Certificate.


What is an Industry Project ?  Why Experience Matters

An industry project is any applied learning experience that allows a student to take what they have learned from their studies in order to reinforce understanding.  

In the application of knowledge, learning is enhanced or embedded deeply through experiential learning. 

In some situations, students also learn how to further adapt their learning as needed. Skilful! 

You can follow structured or unstructured industry projects. Speak to us to find out more about this module in the course. 


What Next - Animal Attendant Employment?

To be a successful animal attendant, you need more than passion. You need persistence and a willingness to do whatever it takes to succeed. You also need skills. 

If this describes you, we can help you to get a start in this industry.

This course could lead to:

  • Work in a pet retail environment - many people in this industry lack deep knowledge of animals and their true needs.
  • Work self-employed as an animal care specialist! Work in rescue or rehabilitation.
  • Work at boarding facility, or start your own boarding business. 
  • Work in fostering and minding.
  • Work in petting zoos.
  • Work in animal health care.
  • Become an animal advocate
  • Become a blogger, writer or social media specialist for pet related business or services.
  • Take a first step to further education.


Let Us Help You Decide On Your Course Choice

We are experienced at helping people decisions and make career changes. 
We have careers counsellors that can advise you for free. 
We have written books on working in different industries. 
We know how to provide the learning needed to get you started along a different career path.

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Certificate in Animal Attendant Studies Certificate in Animal Attendant Studies
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