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Carnivore Animals- PDF ebook

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Explore Different Carnivore Animals

Carnivores are animals that eat other animals, though there are a number of exceptions. Pet dogs and cats are carnivores.

The scientific group (Order) Carnivora is considered to have developed from an ancestral mammals that most likely ate insects and smaller mammals.

This eBook will introduce you to the essentials of carnivore taxonomy, biology, and behaviour and more. It can be used as a useful reference tool for anyone with an interest in dogs, cats or other carnivorous animals.



  1. Introduction to Carnivore Taxonomy
  2. Carnivore Biology and Behaviour
  3. Canines
  4. Felines
  5. Bears
  6. Aquatic Carnivores
  7. Mustalids
  8. Other Carnivores
  9. Management of Captive Carnivores
  10. Management of Wild Carnivores

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Carnivore Animals- PDF ebook Carnivore Animals- PDF ebook
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